Piedmont Adjustment Bureau, Inc - Professional & Ethical Debt Collections
$$$$ TIME IS MONEY $$$$
For today's busy A/R managers, past due accouts require personnel time that is rarely available. Lacking the training, equipment, systems and motivation of professional debt collectors, in house efforts often fall deeper and deeper into the "A/R BLACK HOLE"
As accounts become more deliquent, they consume more time and expense. Letter writing, phone calling, skip tracing, negotiating and record keeping consume alot of time and added expense which can interfere with regular daily business activity.
As accounts age, collectible accounts become uncollectable. Your accounts need to be worked with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.
We are Professional Debt Collectors!!!!!!!!
This is what we do, all we do and we do it all the time!!!!
To provide professional collection services to the Business and Professional Communities in an ethical and courteous manner.
To partner with our clients to provide outstanding performance in recovery, regulatory compliance and quality customer service.  
Piedmont Adjustment Bureau, Inc.
1801 N Tryon St. #335  Charlotte, NC 28206
704-405-5024    Fax: 704-405-5073
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